How To Apply

Apply online

Download and print a PDF version of the HCV application. Return your completed application to a participating agency. Click here to download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader if it is not already installed on your computer.

Contact a participating housing authority to have an application mailed to you. Return the completed application to a participating housing authority.

Stop into any participating housing authority and pick up an application. It can be filled out on site and returned right then or you can drop it off at a later date.

Important information when completing the application:

  • Read the preliminary application carefully and complete it fully. Please print clearly.
  • Check ALL preferences that apply. Please read the Definition of Preferences to determine which apply to you.*
  • Complete and submit only ONE preliminary application. By completing one application, you are included on the centralized waiting list and may be considered by some or all participating housing authorities.

Any applications completed off-line may be returned to any participating housing authority by mail, by hand or by fax. Only one application per family will be accepted. There is no need to submit more than ONE application.

Participating housing authorities may have separate waiting lists for project-based vouchers or other housing programs.  Please contact participating housing authorities directly to request information on other housing options that may be available.

* Participating housing authorities may or may not use some or all of the preferences listed above. These definitions are minimum qualifications. Housing authorities may have more specific criteria within a particular preference. Some participating housing authorities use no preferences and select by date & time of application only.